Compo rules 2018

General rules
1. Oldschool Graphics
2. PixelArt
3. HiEnd Graphics
4. Procedural graphics
5. Realtime 53С


General rules


These rules apply to all categories below.

  • Provide at least three intermediate steps to show the process of creating the picture (for categories 1-3).
  • If you have a signature in the picture, it will be removed during the voting. You may provide an unsigned version for this purpose.
  • Previously released material is not allowed. The explicit display of sexual organs is prohibited.
  • Work should not contain material offending persons or other parties, nor racistic or pornographic material.
  • Please attach file_id.diz text file with description of your entry as follows:
    Author: Shuran33
    Full name of work: Old nudists
    Compo: 53С Graphics

The deadline is November 24th 2018, 4:00 UTC.

Entries can be submitted through, or sent to (if you sending *.scr files, please change the file extension to *.scp, to pass through mail filters).

The online voting to be held 05:00 UTC November 24th, 2018 through 17:00 UTC November 25th, 2018 at


1. Oldschool Graphics

Pictures made within strict limitations of actual hardware platforms. An entry for one of these platforms can participate:

  • ZX Spectrum (standard 6912 or 6144 bytes, Gigascreen, Multicolor, border area usage, Macroscreen)
  • Commodore 64 (HiRes, Multicolor, PETSCII)
  • BK-0010/11 (standard graphics modes: 512×256 pixels in black and white, or 256×256 pixels with one of the supported 4-color palettes)
  • Vector06C (256×256 pixels with 2, 4, 8, or 16 colors displayed at once, or 512×256 pixels with 2 or 4 colors, or 1024×256 pixels with 2 colors; all colors picked out of the general 256-color system palette).

2. PixelArt

Arbitrary pixel art following these limitations:

  • Size: up to 256 х 256 pixels
  • Color: up to 16 colors
  • File format: *.bmp

3. HiEnd Graphics

Any graphics that has been created with use of a computer can be submited. This incldues:

  • All kinds of digital art made with various graphics editors
  • Images created and rendered with 3D modelling software (Lightwave, 3DMax, Cinema4D, and such)
  • Composited images created by various means (Photoshop processing, rendering, photos, collages, hand drawn, etc)

4. Procedural graphics

An entry to participate in this compo is a small size ZX Spectrum program that creates a static picture on the screen.

  • Arbitrary topic. If you can follow the general topic, you’re welcomed!
  • Platforms limited to ZX Spectrum 48К or 128К only
  • Any programming language (BASIC, assembler, others)
  • Maximum code size is 1024 bytes
  • The program should display a standard screen of 6144 or 6912 bytes. Multicolor, Gigascreen, or border effects is not allowed
  • No need to exit BASIC, an infinite loop is fine
  • The program should set all needed colors, including border color, within its code
  • The resulting picture should not depend from previous RAM contents or system state, and always remain the same
  • Up to 5 minutes for precalculation
  • Voting will be done for the resulting picture itself, visual effects during its generation is not considered

5. Realtime 53С

Theme of picture is «Mermaid on the branches…»

At the moment there is two web based editors available for this format:


Download links for ZX Spectrum graphics editors:
Art Studio for ZX-Spectrum 48 by James Hutchby
Artist 2 for ZX-Spectrum 48 by Bo Jangeborg
Burial GFX Editor v3.09.03 for ZX-Spectrum 128 by Delirium Tremens, Freedom’01, Dart Alver’17
ZX-Paintbrush for Windows by Claus Jahn
Multipaint for MacOS, Linux, Windows by Tero Heikkinen
Multiartist for Windows(Multicolor & Gigascreen) by TMK
other graphics tools