Deadline for the main competitions is July 09 2021, 18:00 (UTC+3)

You can send your entry in a number of ways:

  1. Register at and upload it there
  2. Send it to (don’t forget to rename *.scr files to *.scp, otherwise it will get rejected by mail service)

General rules:

  • Please provide at least three intermediate steps of your drawing in case of doubts regarding its authorship.
  • No pornography allowed. Definition may vary, but for this compo we’re considering that erotic art features individuality while pornography is depersonalized at most; erotic art portrays sensual or romantic love in a tasteful form, while pornography mostly focuses on explicit depiction of a sexual intercourse.
  • Entries should NOT be published before voting day.
  • No offensive or law breaking entries allowed.

Please provide a text file named file_id.diz with information about your entry.

An example:

Author: Shuran33
Full name of work: Old nudists
Compo: 53C Graphics


1. Oldschool Adult Graphics

A drawing in the nude genre, a form of visual art that focuses on the unclothed human figure.

Platforms allowed:

  • ZX Spectrum
  • Commodore 64 (standart, multicolor, PETSCII)
  • Atari
  • Amiga
  • БК-0010/11M
  • Вектор-06Ц

If you would like to make an entry for some other platform, please contact the organizer.

There will be pre-selection of the entries!

2. Realtime Drawing the Model

A life drawing female model will attend the event. You have 3 hours to make a drawing of her on a platform of your choice. Please come prepared with laptop and all required software, or bring your retro computer (contact organizer first to allow some room on the party place).

You can apply for this contest at the party place.

3. Realtime Adult 53С

Compo theme «Nude pixel».

A couple of web-based 53C editors available at the moment:

You can use an offline editor as well:
53c painter preview

4. Realtime Wood Pixels

This time, Wood Pixels will be presented at Out Of Compo, during the day visitors will be using it to create pixel images.