Rules 2020

Deadline at December 19, 2020, 16:00 (UTC+3)

Voting wil start December 19, 2020 at 18:00 and last till December 20, 2020, 17:00 (UTC+3)

Graphics compo theme is «EROTICS»

You can upload your entries using, or send them to (when you’re sending *.scr files, you need to change file extension scr -> scp) in order to make it pass through mail filters).

Public online voting will be available at and will be held from 18:00 (UTC+3) December 19, 2020 till 17:00 (UTC+3) December 20, 2020.

Oldschool Graphics

Graphics that is made within strict limitations of actual old computers.

  • Please provide at least three intermediate steps to prove that your entry is original.
  • If you have an author logo, it will be removed for voting purposes. You can provide a version without logo to be used in voting.
  • Pornography is prohibited. No explicit depiction of the genitals allowed.
  • Entries should not be published before voting day.
  • Up to three entries for a platform from one author.
  • Offensive content with personal attacks and entries that violate the law of Russian Federation is not allowed.

Please provide plain text file named file_id.diz with entry description.

An example:
Author: Shuran33
Full name of work: Old nudists
Compo: 53C Graphics

Platforms and graphics modes accepted:

  • ZX Spectrum :
    • Standard (SCR=6912 байт)
    • Gigascreen (IMG=2xSCR)
    • Multicolor 8×4/8×2/8×1 (MC4/MC2/MC1)
    • Standard + Border (BSC)
    • Macroscreen (CHR$)
  • Commodore 64 :
    • Multicolor Mode
    • HiRes Mode
    • MultiColor Interlaced(MCI)
    • Flexible Line Interpretation(FLI)
    • Interlaced FLI(IFLI)
  • BK-0010/11M :
    • 256×256, 4 colors of any supported palette
    • 512×256, monochrome

    Please consider that BK pictures will be upscaled to 1024*768 for online voting, which is correct aspect ratio for BK-0010/11M, as it features non-square pixels.

  • Vector-06C :
    • 256×256 with 2,4,8,16 colors out of 256 color palette
    • 512×256 with 2,4 colors out of 256 color palette
    • 1024×256 with 2 colors out of 256 color palette

Realtime 53С

Theme — «Your Snow Maiden is an Exhibitionist»

53C is a video mode that does not have any attribute limitations, each picture element can have its own color and does not affect neighbor pixels. The smallest element is a 8×8 block that is filled with checkerboard texture. Two colors and extra attributes assigned to a block, which is INK, PAPER, BRIGHT, FLASH. The whole picture consist of 768 blocks. All attribute combinations provide 53 unique averaged colors, hence the format name.

53C graphics examples

Compo theme will be announced at the voting day.

There is two online editors to create pictures in this mode:

Useful resources

ZX-Spectrum :

Graphics modes explained here and there.

Graphics editors:
Art Studio for ZX-Spectrum 48 by James Hutchby
Artist 2 for ZX-Spectrum 48 by Bo Jangeborg
Burial GFX Editor v3.11 fix 20.12.2019 for ZX-Spectrum 128 by Delirium Tremens / Freedom’01, Dart Alver’19
ZX-Paintbrush for Windows by Claus Jahn , download from
Multipaint for MacOS, Linux, Windows by Tero Heikkinen
Multiartist for Windows(Multicolor & Gigascreen) by TMK
more of native graphics editors.

Commodore 64 :

Graphics modes description

Graphics editors:
Multipaint for Windows, Linux, MacOS by Tero Heikkinen
Timanthes 3.0 Beta by Focus
Online editor PETSCII-graphics by

BK-0010/11M :

Graphics modes description

Graphics editors:
A native editor TECHNO-ART v2.1(БК0011М) by MAGIC BYTES
A native editor VISION 3 by GRALsoft`96
More of native editors

Vector-06C :

Graphics modes description

Graphics editors:
A native editor «Карандаш» by Смирнов В.Н.`90
More of native editors